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ravenousfatling (Rating: 0)
Name: brenna sahatjian
Address: Login to view account details.
Bio: i am a student and musician who likes to read books. i am what some might call an activist, although i identify mostly as a concerned human being with an affinity for debate, group collaboration, dissent, and art.
Interests: and allegorical fiction are my main interests., cosmology, craft books, cultural studies and anthropology, history, natural history, philosophy (existentialism mainly), poetry, political dissent

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Author Title Section Status
albert, michael moving forward; program for a participatory economy Politics Pending Show
bradbury, ray fahrenheit 451 Literature Available Show
camus, albert caligula and three other plays Literature Available Show
camus, albert the stranger Literature Available Show
chomsky, noam understanding power Politics Pending Show
collaboration, of many deep ecology for the 21st century Philosophy Available Show
crimethink, for beginners days of war, nights of love Philosophy Available Show
davies, paul the mind of god Science Available Show
dobbs, j.r. bob the book of the subgenius Humor Available Show
ehrenreich, barbara blood rites; orogins and history of the passions of war Anthropology Available Show
ferris, timothy the whole shebang Science Available Show
gagneur, louise m. the nihilist princess Fiction Pending Show
goldman, emma red emma speaks Politics Available Show
gould, stephen jay leonardo's mountain of clams and the diet of worms Science Available Show
gribbin, john the search for superstrings, symmetry, and the theory of everything Science Available Show
hacker, p.m.s. wittgenstein Philosophy Available Show
hawking, stephen w. the cambridge lectures Science Available Show
hesse, hermann the glass bead game Literature Available Show
hesse, hermann if the war goes on . . . Politics Available Show
hesse, hermann demian Literature Available Show
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