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moxie (Rating: 3)
Name: Mike Benham
Address: Login to view account details.
AOL/IM: Moxie460 (Add Buddy)
Bio: Cartwheels are my religion. The bike is my sign.
Interests: anarchism, beat literature, bikes, computer security, computers, dumpster diving, fire dancing, food not bombs, hitch hiking, knitting, math, punk rock, train hopping, veganism
Reading Lists: The Beat Sampler, Top Ten Less-Heard-Of Books In My Collection

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102 records found. Displaying 1-20.

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Author Title Section Status
Albert, David Quantum Mechanics and Experience Science Available Show
Becker, Jillian The PLO Politics Available Show
Bentov, Itzhak A Brief Tour Of Higher Consciousness Philosophy Available Show
Berkman, Alexander ABC Of Anarchism Politics Available Show
Bey, Hakim Millennium Politics Available Show
Bey, Hakim Immediatism Politics Available Show
Bovet, Daniel Understanding the Linux Kernel Computers Available Show
Brian, Denis Genius Talk Science Available Show
Brin, David The Transparent Society Politics Available Show
Cassady, Neal The First Third Literature Available Show
Chomsky, Noam Rogue States Politics Available Show
Coelho, Paulo The Alchemist Literature Available Show
Conrad, Joseph Heart Of Darkness Literature Available Show
Crimethinc, Crimethinc Anarchy In The Age Of Dinosaurs Politics Available Show
Debs, Eugene V. Eugene V. Debs Speaks Politics Available Show
Dostoevsky, Fyodor Crime and Punishment Literature Available Show
Einstein, Albert The Meaning Of Relativity Science Available Show
Eliot, T.S. Four Quartets Poetry Available Show
Feghhi, Jalal Digital Certificates Computers Available Show
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby Literature Available Show
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