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User: mentatjack (Rating: 0)
Name: Steven Klotz
Address: Login to view account details.
Webpage: http://journalscape.com/WatSuanDok
AOL/IM: fsmoodoin (Add Buddy)
Bio: I'm a web developer for a small, family owned, multi-national, internet, art company called NOVICA. I train in a korean martial art called Hwarangdo. I've got a degree in physics, a small amount of musical talent, and a insatiable love of stories in all media.
Interests: computers, fire dancing, french horn, linguistics, martial arts, music, physics, programming, science fiction, writing

5 records found.
Boas, Mary L.Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, 2nd EditionMathematicsAvailableShow
Dixon, R. M. W.The Rise and Fall of LanguagesLanguageAvailableShow
Echanis, Michael D.Knife Self-Defense for Combat (Special Forces/Ranger-Udt/Seal Hand-To-Hand Combat/Special Weapons/Special Tactics Series)OtherAvailableShow
Hart, MatthewDiamond: The History of a Cold-Blooded Love AffairHistoryAvailableShow
Magueijo, JoaoFaster Than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific SpeculationScienceAvailableShow