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mar (Rating: 0)
Name: mar ruggeri
Address: Login to view account details.
Interests: archetypes, art, artefacts, astrology, bikes, camping, cognitive science, dream work, dumpster diving, environment, existentialism, gardening, hiking, history, images, language, phenomenology, religion, running, scripting, sustainability, symbolism, veganism, water(all kinds)

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Author Title Section Status
(aras)- Moon, Beverly An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism- Volume 1 Art Available Show
Bataille, Georges The Impossible Literature Available Show
Bretall, Robert A Kierkegaard Anthology Philosophy Available Show
Calvino, Italo Invisible Cities Literature Available Show
Campbell, Joseph The Hero With a Thousand Faces Religion Available Show
Camus, Albert Exile and the Kingdom Literature Available Show
Camus, Albert The Myth of Sysiphus Philosophy Available Show
Camus, Albert The Rebel Philosophy Available Show
Camus, Albert notebooks Literature Available Show
Forrest, Green, Steven, Jeff Measuring the Night- Volume 1 Other Available Show
Green, Jeffrey Wolf Pluto- Volume 1 Other Available Show
Green, Jeffrey Wolf Pluto- the soul's evolution through relationships- volume 2 Other Available Show
Grosz, Elizabeth Volatile Bodies: Toward a Corporeal Feminism Philosophy Available Show
Jensen, Derrick Welcome to the Machine: Science, Surveillance, and the Culture of Control Other Checked Out Show
Jensen, Derrick A Language Older Than Words Other Available Show
Jensen, Derrick Strangely Like War: The Global Assault on Forests Other Checked Out Show
Jung, C.G. Mysterium Coniunctionis Psychology Available Show
Jung, C.G. Synchronicity Psychology Available Show
Jung, Carl Dreams Psychology Available Show
Jung, Carl Mandala Symbolism Psychology Available Show
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