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User: lilgoyaeyes (Rating: 0)
Name: Elliot Lessing
Address: Login to view account details.
Bio: Happily born & raised in LA, I moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco Art Institute in '96. I recieved my BFA in 2000, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Experimental Approaches & Form. Since graduating, I've been proactive in developing a nuanced & enriching Arts Program for myself and others which includes objectmaking (Installation, Sculpture, Drawing), the option to exhibit, curatorial projects, arts journalism and art event planning. I also include Leadership & Citizenship in my Art Practice, as I'm quite interested in the idea of: Artist AS Citizen. A healthful approach to the Arts & Culture at large is fortified by an adaptable philosophy which includes Kindness, Generosity & Goodwill. Wit & Imagination loom large in my vision of things, perhaps due to the heavy doses of Mad Magazine, Warner Bros. Cartoons & Wacky Packs. Lastly, I have a deep interest in our Species! ...Leading me to focus on three things, respectively: Behaviour, Groups & Cities. I believe that in order to ensure the longevity & health of our species, as well as the others we live with, we must pay close attention to these subjects. ...Did I mention that I am a nice guy too?
Interests: absurdity, americana, architecture, art, behaviour, cities, citizenship, couture, disused spaces, ephemera, film/video media, groups, kindness, leadership, literature, love, meaningful moments, music, nature, satire, sub culture, sub sub culture, the cosmic, the novel, the weird, urban experience

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