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entheogens (Rating: 0)
Name: Thomas Seay
Address: Login to view account details.
Bio: I currently live on the Penninsula. I work as a computer programmer at Sun Microsystems; however, I am also very interested in Left-wing politics, especially the movements stemming from Italian autonomism. I speak French and Italian fluently and have translated several of Antonio Negri's recent essays from either Italian or French. I am currently about to work on the translation of "The Postfordist Lexicon", into english. It is a lexicon, with encyclopedic entries concerning the economic, political, social and cultural landscape of postfordism. In addition to this, I am very interested in biology/genetics, systems, chaos/emergence theory. I am also very interested in using entheogens as a means of consciouness exploration.
Interests: biology, chaos theory, complexity theory, entheogens, genetics, politics, systems

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17 records found.
Author Title Section Status
Chalmers, David The Conscious Mind Philosophy Available Show
Churchland, Paul Matter and Consciousness Philosophy Available Show
Cohen, G.A. Karl Marx's Theory of History A Defense Politics Available Show
Deleuze, Gilles Nietzche and Philosophy Philosophy Available Show
Forte, Robert Entheogens and the Future of Religion Religion Available Show
Foucault, Michel The Cambridge Companion to Foucault Philosophy Available Show
Harvey, David The Condition of Postmodernity Politics Available Show
Heidegger, Martin The Question Concerning Technology Philosophy Available Show
Hellener, Eric States and the Reemergence of Global Finance Other Available Show
Kennedy, Paul The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers History Available Show
Lilly, John The Center of the Cyclone Other Available Show
Negri, Antonio Kairos, Alma Venus, Multitudo Other Available Show
Rampton, Sheldon Weapons of Mass Deception Politics Available Show
Tarkovsky, Andrei The Collected Screenplays of Andrei Tarkovsky Other Available Show
Tripp, Charles History of Iraq History Available Show
Wallerstein, Immanuel The Essential Wallerstein Politics Available Show
Wilson, Colin The Killers Among Us Other Available Show