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annakay (Rating: 2)
Name: Anastasia Kayiatos
Address: Login to view account details.
Bio: Not that long ago, I finished my undergrad studies and a completed a big ol' thesis and a grant about the only gay Soviet author, Evgenii Kharitonov. Now, I'm aspiring to be a Russian Lit aspirantka (grad student); I plan to write my dissertation on representations of prostitution in Fin de Siecle Russia discourse. It follows then that I am very interested in books that treat central issues of Victorian Europe, especially mystico-metaphysico-philosophico-medico-sexual ones. I dig Weininger, Nietzsche, Vladimir Solov'iov, V. V. Rozanov, Aleksandr Blok, Max Nordau, Kraft-Ebing, and other fiction and non-fiction literati of the Belle Epoque. I love Decadent and Symbolist prose, poetry, manifestoes, etc. Also, I enjoy reading medical and juridical texts from this era. Any literature that touches on Victoriana or seems like it should would bring tears of joy to my reading eyes. I like perusing monographs on NY and LA garage and punk bands. I love digging deeper and deeper into the dirt that is the Divine Feud between Joan and Bette. Plus, I'm a sucker for Jacqueline Susann and her spawn. In return, I am steeped in all things Russian and gay and can make very good recommendations. I've got a whole bunch of lit/cultural theory under my belt that I'd be more than happy to bust out for you. Plus, I've actually read a lot of contemporary American fiction; and Japanese lit from the 20s-present (sooo good). I heart Kobo Abe and Haruki Murakami.
Interests: 20th/21st century japanese fiction, anything marginal and russian, decadent and symbolist lit, french and russian avant-garde literary/artistic circles in the mid to late 19th century, garage/psychedelic/punk rock n roll, german pseudo-medical/pseudo-metaphysical treatises from the turn of the century., gogol', groupies, prostitution through the ages, record collecting, spleen

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8 records found.
Author Title Section Status
Bram, Christopher The Notorious Dr. August : His Real Life and Crimes Fiction Available Show
Celine, Louis Ferdinand Journey to the End of the Night Fiction Available Show
Murakami, Haruki Sputnik Sweetheart Fiction Available Show
Murakami, Haruki South of the Border, West of the Sun Fiction Available Show
Patchen, Kenneth The Journal of Albion Moonlight Fiction Available Show
Queen, Carol Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality Queer Available Show
Semler, Helen Boldyreff Discovering Moscow Other Available Show
Susann, Jacqueline Valley of the Dolls Fiction Available Show