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Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture (Haymarket Series)
Author: Duncombe, Stephen
Section: Sociology
Owner: victoryspirit (Rating: 0)
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Status: Available [Check Out]
Owner Review: From Amazon:

"underground culture born out of opposition to the mainstream media of the comsumer culture and the alienation caused by the whole capitalist culture is analysed in Duncombe's book in great detail.The making of it,the meaning of it and the paradoxes and drawbacks it has are all introduced.pros and cons well defined.Duncombe also draw the limits of the underground scene.I agree with his pessimisim about fanzine writers doing nothing more than just being politics by themselves.[what i mean is fanzine writers dont need to take political action as making a fanzine is keeping them busy (mind and time)]What is most successful about this book is he didnt just write about the world of fanzines but explored through the social/economic/political structure of the USA. As a political science student and a fanzine writer i share his views concerning the new world order as an everchanging,imposing and even assimilating fact.(is it new?)Well, i really liked the book even though at times i felt like he is repeating all again well i guess this happens when explaining such complex things (as economic,olitical things not fanzines) Elif Ozgen"

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