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Timetrap (Star Trek, No 40)
Author: Dvorkin, David
Section: Sci-Fi
Owner: chris (Rating: 0)
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Status: Available [Check Out]
Owner Review: From Amazon:

"Star Trek-The Original Series: Timetrap written by David Dvorkin is a Captain James T. Kirk driven book. The charater of James T. Kirk is in a transporter surge accident is transported into the the future wher the Klingons are found to be a rather straightforward race, but harsh by Federation standards.This whole adventure started out in a remote area of Federation space as the Enterprise picks up a distress call. The crew comes to the rescue, but encounter a Klingon cruiser named "Mauler" in Federation space, but that is not the worst of the situation to come. As Kirk and crew try to sort out the situation, They find the Klingon ship trapped inside of a storm.As Kirk beams over to the Klingon ship, the storm flares and this is where the main plot of the book takes shape. Kirk is now one hundred years in the future , the "Mauler" vanishes from sight of the Enterprise, much to the horror of the crew of the Enterprise.This book was written in a time when Star Trek was adding the genre of ST-TNG, so thing were being sorted out as to how the Klingon's were going to be portrayed. Either they were going to be the tricky, sly, or furtive as they were in the "Trouble with Tribbles and Friday's Child." Or were they going to be the forthright, candid, or outspoken charater trait found in "Errand of Mercy and Day of the Dove," or more like those found in the ST-TNG. Of course, if you feature the character of Kirk, you have to have a love interest. Well, in this case we have Kalrind as Kirk's new Klingon love interest. This is making way for the Shatner inspired novels to come. I found this book to follow the genre of TOS quite well and is well-written. It also starts some of the framework for the TNG and Kirk inspired books, which makes this book a pivotal. All in all, the was an enjoyable story."

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