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Arabs & Israel for Beginners
Author: David, Ron
Section: History
Owner: Jeff G (Rating: 0)
Address: Login to view account details.
Status: Available [Check Out]
Owner Review: (Writers and Readers Series) By a US Jew, this is an ok introduction to the Palestine/Israel conflict. I actually pretty much agree with the review below. --jrg

From Amazon:

"What to say about this book?
Yes, it is biased to the nth degree- it has no pretensions to the contrary, though, so we can't fault it for that. The maps suck- although Ms. David's illustrations are more than adequate, she's no cartographer; nearly impossible to read and lacking in information, they are one of the lowest points of the volume. It can run thin on certain topics- like early Zionism, for example. Much better books on the topic from a similar viewpoint exist, such as Chomsky's 'The Fateful Triangle'- a scholarly, tasteful, and engaging, if also unashamedly biased, exploration of the subject. Just note how readily David regurgitates him; obvious 'borrowing' is an obvious sign of quality.
However, this is a good ultra-quick, ultra-dirty guide both to the flaws of the status quo and to 'anti-Zionist' thinking. It's perfect for debates and light essays- both for easy collection of facts to back up one's argument and understanding 'the other side'. Think of it as Cliff Notes for Chomsky and Said, if you will- it would be a grave insult to author, viewpoint it represents, and reader to think of it as anything more serious."

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