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Italian Witchcraft: The Old Religion of Southern Europe
Author: Grimassi, Raven
Section: Other
Owner: testnz (Rating: 0)
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Status: Available [Check Out]
Owner Review: From Amazon:

"As a professional folklorist and a native of Italy now living here in the U.S., I was very interested to read this book. It contains authentic elements of Italian folklore and folk magic, mixed with various aspects of Italian Witchcraft. But as the author clearly states in the introduction, portions of the material are also mixed with some modern Wiccan elements. I found very little of this mixture, but it is present as the author readily admits several places in this book.Grimassi states in the introduction that he created a system called the Aridian Tradition for Americans to practice, which is a blend of old and new material. There are two chapters dealing with the modern Aridian Tradition, chapters three and twelve. The remaining 20 chapters all contain older and authentic Italian material, much of it verified by the field research of several folklorists, including J.B. Andrews, Lady de Vere, Roma Lister, and Charles Leland.For some additional background reading on Italian Witchcraft and folklore, I would suggest The Evil Eye by Elsworthy, and Etruscan Roman Remains by Charles Leland."

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