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Naked Lunch
Author: Burroughs, William S.
Section: Fiction
Owner: necco (Rating: 0)
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Reading Lists: The Beat Sampler
Status: Available [Check Out]
Owner Review: From Amazon:

"Naked Lunch was the book whose landmark 1965 obscenity trial ensured literary freedom in the United States. Released shortly after its author, William S. Burroughs, regained control of his life after a fifteen-year addiction to opiates, Naked Lunch reads like a junky's account of a small, incredible period of time full of the extreme and incredible and told in a rambling, sometimes incoherent stream of conscious as if the author's mental health could produce nothing concrete. Feeling threatened by sadistic U.S. law enforcement, drug pusher and habitual user, Bill Lee, flees to Interzone a surrealist netherworld in Mexico filled with extremes of brutality, poverty, politics and madness. The book presents such unforgettable characters as sadistic medical artist, Dr. Benway; crude, international prankster, AJ and moraless drug dealer, Fats Terminal. In the forward of another novel, Queer, Burroughs states that his actual time in Mexico was made more enjoyable by the primitive nature of the citizens which Burroughs found oddly humorous, stating simple disputes ending in savagery and all types of what Americans would consider lewdness. Approach Naked Lunch as you would the account in Queer's foreword: An incredible account from a not-to-dependable source who has been to places and mindsets you will never experience and you will be strangely compelled to think how much of this savage book was based on an actual experiences or actual truths concerning cruelty Burroughs experienced. I think it was meant to be read as such considering the book of first released under the pseudonym of its main character. Of coarse being based in a fictional area of Mexico does not mean Naked Lunch has no parallel to life in the states. I can't help but see satire of America's social structure during the scenes portraying Interzone's political parties and scenes portraying its class stratification. Written superbly with beatnik-style lyricism, Naked Lunch presents wonderful satire and a confrontational nature destined to appeal to those of us with more extreme senses of humor."

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