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canyonlady (Rating: 0)unknownart, backpacking, biology, botany, camping, dancing, early music, ecology, folk music, folklore, forests, genetics, health, hiking, kayaking, krumhorns, music, mythology, plants, poetry, recorders, rodents, rowing, sci-fi/fantasy, singing, speculative fiction, spirituality, writing, zoology.
Chaotica (Rating: 0)unknownarchaic revival, baking, conspiracy theories, cooking, writing, yadda yadda
dikobraz (Rating: 0)unknownprogramming, teaching, writing
ecritoire (Rating: 0)unknowncommunication, cosmology, cyberspace, ecology, neurology, science-fiction, sciences, writing
jennybit (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, anthropology, environment, gardening, language, local community building, myth, novels, permaculture, poetry, travel, wandering, writing
JohnnyRockets (Rating: 0)unknownacting, drawing, graphic novels, music, other arts, writing
koncrete (Rating: 0)unknownalchemy, anachronism, anime, art deco, atheism, avengers, boxing, chemistry, controlled substances, cooking, dead babies, deco, diana rigg, elitism, fighting, forgery, gaming, germany, history, imperialism, infanticide, lies, marmosets, men, minotaurs, mod, modernism, mp3's, music, narcotics, pornography, progressivism, punk, quitting jobs, religion, rome, rough sex, science, steak and black onions, travel, urban decay, vehicular homicide, war, writing
lahosken (Rating: 0)unknownberkeley, computers, embedded software, food, history of computers, history of science, industrial site photography, japanese ska, libraries, maritime, maritime history, mobile phones, precisionism, programming, reading, sailing, sci-fi, ska, software development, st louis, travel, writing
mangewala (Rating: 0)unknownabsurdity, antiques, art, artaud, coffee, exquisite corpse, haiku, happy mutants, herbs, mythology, nonsense, old things, psilocybin, psychedelics, san-x, scrabble, surrealism, thai food, thinking, travel, trees, typewriters, veganism, vegetable gardens., vegetarianism, vintage, walking, writing, yoga, zines
mentatjack (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, fire dancing, french horn, linguistics, martial arts, music, physics, programming, science fiction, writing
nanamin (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, bdsm, gothic rock, guitar, hacking, punk rock, reading, thelema, writing
necco (Rating: 0)unknownbrothers quay, burroughs, chaos, digital architecture, ginsberg, hess, kerouac, literature, math, modernist literature, nietzsche, patterns, woolf, writing
neutron (Rating: 0)unknownac/dc, activism, all ages shows, andrew w.k., arab on radar, babyland, beatles, big black, big business, bikini kill, bill hicks, birthday party, black heart procession, black sabbath, blade runner, books, bowling, brainiac, breadwinner, breeders, bukowski, cartographer, cello, chicago, chinese stars, cinematography, cohen brothers, daily show, dale flattum, david lynch, dianogah, dinosaurs, dischord, distortion, donnie darko, drive like jehu, drum machines, drums, e-bow, eraserhead, fishing with john, flipper, from monument to masses, fugazi, gang of four, godspeed you black emperor, grandaddy, greenlight the bombers, hal hartley, hayden, homestar runner, hot snakes, howard dean, hunter s. thompson, ifihadahifi, impeaching bush, indie films, indie rock, james ellroy, jesus lizard, jill sprecher, jim jarmusch, johnny cash, karp, kill rock stars, kraftwerk, krispy kreme, kurt vonnegut, landscapes, last of the juanitas, lemurs, les savy fav, lightning bolt, linkable interests, live music, lower forty-eight, math rock, melvins, michael moore, miles davis, milk cult, minutemen, modesto, moggs, mogwai, muckraking, mulholland drive, nick cave, nirvana, noir, noise, noiserock, oakland, ornette coleman, oxes, philip k. dick, photography, pixies, poster children, preacher, public enemy, radical politics, radiohead, red dwarf, repitition, replicator, residents, rocking out, san francisco, saraswati, scriptwriting, secretary, sex pistols, shellac, shipping news, six finger satellite, sleater-kinney, slint, sohcahtoa, sonic youth, sopranos, sound, sparks, stanley kubrick, steel pole bathtub, stinking lizaveta, strong bad, super 8, tanechka, tanya fucking feldman, tape decks, the daily show, the jesus lizard, the mae shi, the marx brothers, the mass, the paper chase, the stooges, the young ones, tom waits, touch & go, trans am, transmetropolitan, twin peaks, unwound, velvet underground, vinyl, vonnegut, writing, zeni geva
Sandiastardust (Rating: 0)unknownart, life, music, writing
spacehero (Rating: 0)unknownchinese flute, hiking, reading, writing
squeemr (Rating: 0)unknownart, comic books, cooking, dark humor, drawing, dreams, independent films, knitting, piercings, poetry, science fiction, tattoos, vegeterianism, writing
tiny_fae (Rating: 0)unknownabandoned buildings, art, books, chocolate, comics, middle college, ninjas, palo alto, philosophy, photography, pirates, santa clara, urban exploration, writing, zines
tyson (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, linux, macos x, programming, reading, writing
waffler (Rating: 0)unknownberets, cinematography, cocoa, computers, cooking, debate, guinea pigs, logic, mac os x, macs, math, objective-c, poetry, politics, pottery, sci-fi, soccer, swadeshi, they might be giants, writing
whisperstorm (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, console games, fantasy, game-making, javascript, physics, programming, rpgs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, techno, trance music, writing