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arandomname (Rating: 0)unknownbellydancing, ceramics, cognitive science, comic books, hiking, information studies, local arts scene, non-profit orgs, oracles, philosophy of math, poker, rpgs, science fiction and fantasy, swing dance, tea, vegetarianism, weird eclecticism, wine
cedrickstanton (Rating: 0)unknownand more ... i'm naturally a pretty curious person. i tend to be intensely interested in a specific thing for a few weeks and then switch to something new. above i've listed the general categories my focus tends to drift between., coffee, computer hacking, detective stories, diy, linux, pen and paper rpgs, pop science books, sci-fi, the occult, wine, zines
soleiluna (Rating: 1)unknownaleister crowley, alice in wonderland, ani difranco, beads, carl jung, chaos, coffee, discordianism, dreams, esoterica, faeries, fatherhood, foucault, free state project, gary snyder, goddesses, gods, grassroots democracy, green party, isis, jane's addiction, joan of arc, joseph campbell, ken kesey, kurt vonnegut, magick, nostalgia, osiris, packratting, paganism, perpetual novelty, pixies, progressive politics, psychedelics, quintessence, reality hacking, religion, revolution, rumi, san francisco, santa cruz, scrabble, shakespeare, socialism, spirituality, surrealism, sushi, synchronicity, tarot, the doors, the moon, thrift stores, twin peaks, urban life, wakefulness, wine, witchcraft, yoga, zen, zines