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Braincrayon (Rating: 0)unknown824 hate, anarchism, art rock, artfag entourage, arts and crafts night, beer, crashing parties, math rock, movie night, photography, punk rock, stencilling, veganism
camille (Rating: 0)unknowncommunism, etc etc, sxe(although i am not), veganism
futureisstatic (Rating: 0)unknownbiotechnology, critical mass, environmentalism, experimental music, free philosophy, peace, photosynthesis, plants, renewable energy, science fiction, sustainability, the future., veganism
mangewala (Rating: 0)unknownabsurdity, antiques, art, artaud, coffee, exquisite corpse, haiku, happy mutants, herbs, mythology, nonsense, old things, psilocybin, psychedelics, san-x, scrabble, surrealism, thai food, thinking, travel, trees, typewriters, veganism, vegetable gardens., vegetarianism, vintage, walking, writing, yoga, zines
mar (Rating: 0)unknownarchetypes, art, artefacts, astrology, bikes, camping, cognitive science, dream work, dumpster diving, environment, existentialism, gardening, hiking, history, images, language, phenomenology, religion, running, scripting, sustainability, symbolism, veganism, water(all kinds)
moxie (Rating: 3)unknownanarchism, beat literature, bikes, computer security, computers, dumpster diving, fire dancing, food not bombs, hitch hiking, knitting, math, punk rock, train hopping, veganism
naineon (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, animal liberation, anti-free trade, black bloc, different languages, direct action, historical fiction, human liberation, oatmeal, photography, punk music, screen printing, shows, stenciling, travel, veganism