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allegra (Rating: 0)unknownanything french, art, biographies. good gossip. opportunities for international volunteerism., computer graphics, design, different cultures, digital photography, gardening, graphic design, mysteries by international authors, photography, spices, travel
blaine (Rating: -1)unknownanatomy, animal rights, bikes, dance, fiction, gender fuck, human rights, nature, pictures, social justice, travel, vegan, vegan cooking
c00lwhip (Rating: 0)unknownbusiness, travel
erahhal (Rating: 0)unknownbeat literature, computers, eastern religion, electronic music, jazz, programming, psychedelic, saxophone, sci-fi, science fiction, shamanism, sheet music, tai chi, travel, zen buddhism
genedebs (Rating: 0)unknowncommunism, history, politics, travel
guimus (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, bicycles, dumpster diving, fixed-gear bicycles, getting things for free, intuitive engineering, music, one speed bicycles, piracy, tom robbins, travel, unicycles, urban exploration
jchuck (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, independent film, movies, sports, travel
jennybit (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, anthropology, environment, gardening, language, local community building, myth, novels, permaculture, poetry, travel, wandering, writing
jfmiller (Rating: 0)unknownchristianity, computers, fantacy, hiking, religion, sci-fi, travel
JiminyCricket (Rating: 0)unknownalternative building, art, arts and crafts, beat literature, bookmaking, dada, design, dumpster diving, goats, love, magic, performance studies, philosophy, pirates, play, scavenge art, situationism, sociology, sustainable living, tipis, travel, typography, urban exploration, vermiculture
kevin kelly (Rating: 0)unknowndocumentaries, how-to books, photography, science, travel
koncrete (Rating: 0)unknownalchemy, anachronism, anime, art deco, atheism, avengers, boxing, chemistry, controlled substances, cooking, dead babies, deco, diana rigg, elitism, fighting, forgery, gaming, germany, history, imperialism, infanticide, lies, marmosets, men, minotaurs, mod, modernism, mp3's, music, narcotics, pornography, progressivism, punk, quitting jobs, religion, rome, rough sex, science, steak and black onions, travel, urban decay, vehicular homicide, war, writing
lahosken (Rating: 0)unknownberkeley, computers, embedded software, food, history of computers, history of science, industrial site photography, japanese ska, libraries, maritime, maritime history, mobile phones, precisionsim, programming, reading, sailing, sci-fi, ska, software development, st louis, travel, writing
mangewala (Rating: 0)unknownabsurdity, antiques, art, artaud, coffee, exquisite corpse, haiku, happy mutants, herbs, mythology, nonsense, old things, psilocybin, psychedelics, san-x, scrabble, surrealism, thai food, thinking, travel, trees, typewriters, veganism, vegetable gardens., vegetarianism, vintage, walking, writing, yoga, zines
michaelernst (Rating: 0)unknownart, bicycles, books, co-ops, environmentalism, getting things done, travel
molly (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, clothing, fiction, history, photography, textiles, travel
naineon (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, animal liberation, anti-free trade, black bloc, different languages, direct action, historical fiction, human liberation, oatmeal, photography, punk music, screen printing, shows, stenciling, travel, veganism
pfmcbride (Rating: 0)unknownand native plant restoration, russian literature, swimming, travel
SandyP (Rating: 0)unknownfantasy, libertarianism, magic, sci fi, travel
velorev (Rating: 0)unknownalternative medicine, anti-capitalism, art, bikes/bicycling, buddhism, exercise science, fitness, organic gardening, political science, progressive movements, travel, vegetarian cookbooking, web-design, world history, world religion, yoga
zhongfu (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, anime, art, biology, brain-farts, china, communications, community, complimentary duality, computers, connectionism, cosmology, creativity, culture, discovery, distributed computing, diversity, duality, dune, electro, entanglement, ethnopharmacology, evolution, exobiology, experimental, fashion, history, i ching, idea farming, ideas, languages, marshall mcluhan, montreal, neurology, photography, physics, politics, quantum, quantum entanglement theory, queers, sci-fi, science fiction, social engineering, social theory, taoism, technology, the network effect, tokyo, travel, twin peaks, vancouver