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baniak (Rating: 0)unknowndeschooling, music, reading
dndavids (Rating: 0)unknownreading, swimming, ten-pin bowling
Jenn (Rating: 0)unknownlifting weights, reading, running, seeing films, writing letters
jmgunther6 (Rating: 0)unknownplaying with my kids, reading
lahosken (Rating: 0)unknownberkeley, computers, embedded software, food, history of computers, history of science, industrial site photography, japanese ska, libraries, maritime, maritime history, mobile phones, precisionism, programming, reading, sailing, sci-fi, ska, software development, st louis, travel, writing
ptkong (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, environmentalism, football, golf, hockey, reading, sleep, soccer, tennis, vegetarianism
rayh (Rating: 0)unknownadvocacy groups, aktion club, autism, bus riding, community connections, computers, dancing, employment, housing, kiwanis, reading, service, singing, support groups, swimming, walking
ricothunder (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, adventure, anarchism, artist, burning man, cooking, desert, diy, driving fast, food, good books, good movies, hiking, mischief, outdoors, politics, radio, reading, road trips
spacehero (Rating: 0)unknownchinese flute, hiking, reading, writing
sthom (Rating: 0)unknownreading, running, sociology
ted linus (Rating: 1)unknownchuck norris infomercials, duct tape wallets, food not bombs, jumping into bushes, knitting, looking for cats, making movies, planning long distace bike trips but never following through, playing music, punk rock breakfast, reading, riding bicycles, rocking out with my cock out, rolling down hills untill i can't walk straight, soccer
tyson (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, linux, macos x, programming, reading, writing