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boothinator (Rating: 0)unknownc, c++, computers, gnu/linux, linux, objective c, physics, programming, science, slackware, slackware linux
guygarrison (Rating: 0)unknownbusiness, design, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology, rapid prototyping, science fiction, technology
h0mee (Rating: 0)unknownalchemy, anthropology, biology, chemistry, health, magick, math, physics, sociology, technology
mentatjack (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, fire dancing, french horn, linguistics, martial arts, music, physics, programming, science fiction, writing
Pneumatic (Rating: 0)unknownastronomy, coin-op arcade games. npr, computers, math, physics, science fiction
rabin (Rating: 0)unknownchaos theory, classic fiction, computers, fractals, history, physics, science fiction
whisperstorm (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, console games, fantasy, game-making, javascript, physics, programming, rpgs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, techno, trance music, writing
zhongfu (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, anime, art, biology, brain-farts, china, communications, community, complimentary duality, computers, connectionism, cosmology, creativity, culture, discovery, distributed computing, diversity, duality, dune, electro, entanglement, ethnopharmacology, evolution, exobiology, experimental, fashion, history, i ching, idea farming, ideas, languages, marshall mcluhan, montreal, neurology, photography, physics, politics, quantum, quantum entanglement theory, queers, sci-fi, science fiction, social engineering, social theory, taoism, technology, the network effect, tokyo, travel, twin peaks, vancouver