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23 Matching Users:
aszs (Rating: 0)unknownbuddhism, critical theory, philosophy, social construction of knowledge
broomoid (Rating: 0)unknownde lillo, intelligent fiction (hesse, kafka, kundera, music, philosophy
crasch (Rating: 0)unknownadventure, alternative shelter, anarchism, anarcho-capitalism, anarchocapitalism, animal experimentation, anti-aging, artificial intelligence, atheism, ayn rand, berke breathed, bill waterson, biodiesel, biotechnology, bloom county, blue man group, body building, calvin and hobbes, capitalism, cato, cirque de soleil, civil rights, clarence bass, computers, conation, cryobiology, cryogenics, cryonics, cryptography, cypherpunks, dave barry, david friedman, david meyers, dilbert, early retirement, economics, egoism, enya, epistemology, ethics, evolutionary psychology, extropianism, extropy, far side, film, filmmaking, financial independence, firearms, flow, free market environmentalism, free markets, free thinkers, freedom, freethinkers, futurism, gary larson, genetic engineering, george carlin, gerontology, guns, happiness, home schooling, houseboats, idea futures, immortality, independent film, independent institute, individual rights, individualism, influence, institute for justice, intj, investing, john holt, john lasseter, julian simon, laissez faire, learning, libertarian, libertarian party, libertarianism, libertarians, liberty, life extension, limerence, limited government, linux, living below your means, longevity, loreena mckennitt, lp, lysander spooner, machinema, math, memory, methodology, meyers briggs, mihalyi czsiksentmihalyi, milton friedman, mole man of fresno, money, montessori, monty python, mother earth news, mst3k, nanotechnology, neal stephenson, new road map foundation, objectivism, open book management, open immigration, open source, opus, pacific research institute, parasailing, penn and teller, permaculture, philosophy, pilobus, pixar, princess bride, privacy, programming, reason, robert cialdini, running, science, scott adams, simpsons, social engineering, social policy bonds, social psychology, software completion bonds, south park, space exploration, stand up comedy, steven wright, sudbury, susannah mccorkle, technology, the matrix, toy story, transhumanism, unschooling, value, vandwelling, vitrification, warren buffett, weight training
Cyrano (Rating: 0)unknown"a volte succede qualcosa di dolce e fatale come svegliarsi e trovare la neve; o come quel giorno che lei mi sorrise; ma senza voltarsi e fuggire" (d. silvestri), "come vedi tutto è usuale; solo che il tempo chiude la borsa e c'è il sospetto che sia triviale l'affanno e l'ansimo dopo la corsa; l'ansia volgare del giorno dopo la fine triste della partita; il lento scorrere senza uno scopo di questa cosa che chiami v, "ma i moralisti han chiuso i bar e le morali han chiuso i vostri cuori e spento i vostri ardori. è bello ritornar normalità; è facile tornare con le tante; stanche pecore bianche. scusate non mi lego a questa schiera; morrò pecora nera" (f. guccini), "ognuno vada dove vuole andare; ognuno invecchi come gli pare; ma non raccontare a me che cos'è la libertà" (f. guccini), art, books, che guevara, cinema, freedom, friendship, litterature, love, music, philosophy, sport specially basket and soccer, theatre, true against appearence
d0grover (Rating: 0)unknownartificial intelligence, c#, fractals, kung fu, martial arts, philosophy, programming, python
daimon_rein (Rating: 0)unknowndescartes, e. a. poe, etc., h. p. lovecraft, literature, music, native american religion, philosophy, shamanism, sumerians, wicca, z. sitchin
dcd (Rating: 0)unknownand electronica in particular), art, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, composition, computer science, cooking, education, music of all kinds (jazz and 20th century classical, philosophy, politics, programming
dnichols31 (Rating: 0)unknowncivil rights, history, human rights, humor, philosophy, politics, science
forman (Rating: 0)unknowncivil liberties, german, language, linux, philosophy, phonetics, socialism, worker's rights
guygarrison (Rating: 0)unknownbusiness, design, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology, rapid prototyping, science fiction, technology
JiminyCricket (Rating: 0)unknownalternative building, art, arts and crafts, beat literature, bookmaking, dada, design, dumpster diving, goats, love, magic, performance studies, philosophy, pirates, play, scavenge art, situationism, sociology, sustainable living, tipis, travel, typography, urban exploration, vermiculture
jokillsya (Rating: 0)unknownatheism, jref, philosophy, programming, reading., science, the-brights.net
marlagre (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, math, philosophy
NaAlvorada (Rating: 0)unknownart, bikes, climbing, d.i.y., guitar, history, language, literature, philosophy, singing, thinking
nataraja (Rating: 0)unknownclassics, deathrock & post-punk, drama, education, fencing, gypsiology, hermeticism, improvisation, libertarian socialism, linguistics, literary theory, philosophy, semiotics
RogoPag (Rating: 0)unknowncomputer science, history, linguistics, philosophy
saul (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, art, bikes, computers, drugs, food, free software, philosophy, politics
thedward (Rating: 0)unknown神, accents, alternate history, amélie, anarchy, ancient egypt, androgyny, artificial intelligence, austin, barcelona, better off dead, biking, biofeedback, board games, bondage, books, bubble tea, buckaroo banzai, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, burning flipside, burning man, cats, chaos magic, cloning, coffee, cognitive science, constructed languages, contact juggling, cooking, creativity, culture jamming, death to the extremist, discordianism, espresso, evolution, fantasy, fight club, fire, flirting, flow, freedom, furry paddles, game theory, ganesh, garlic, geek girls, geek points, geeks, gender neutral pronouns, georgian, glasses, gnu, go, green, harold and maude, heterophenomenology, hex, hibiscus mint iced tea, icehouse, indian food, jasmine tea, juggling, kissing, kite flying, lambic, leri, linguistics, linux, linuxppc, lojban, long hair, love, magic, magical realism, massage, meditation, metaprogramming, mexican food, milkshake boom!, modern fantasy, monty python, mushrooms, mycology, nanotechnology, neuroscience, nirvana, old english, orthography, perl, philosophy, photography, powerpuff girls, programming, psychedelics, purple, raccoons, recipes, rituals, rollerblading, rpgs, russian, sakartvelo, santa rampage, sarcasm, satyregirlie, schrödinger's cat, science fiction, sensation play, sensual play, sensuality, serial experiments lain, solar energy, space colonization, space exploration, spanking, speculative fiction, spelunking, strangers in paradise, strawberry shortcake, sushi, tantra, taoism, thai food, the maxx, the princess bride, the technological singularity, the tick, they might be giants, thunderstorm sex, thunderstorms, toe socks, tomboys, transhumanism, unicycles, unix, vegetarianism, volkswagen beetles, war for the oaks, word games, yoga, zen, zendo
thespacequeen (Rating: 0)unknownarcheology, architechture, barter, crafts, deco, fantasy, fiction, gardens, garment, history, horror, jewelry, landscapes, literature, museums, nuveau, organics, outdoors, paint, palentology, philanthropy, philosophy, poetry, prose, recycling, sci-fi, science, sociology, stagecraft, textiles
tiny_fae (Rating: 0)unknownabandoned buildings, art, books, chocolate, comics, middle college, ninjas, palo alto, philosophy, photography, pirates, santa clara, urban exploration, writing, zines
tomp (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, history of science, music, philosophy, sci-fi
trivas7 (Rating: 0)unknownchess, classical (think dickens) english literature, computer languages, edgy contemporary literature (i.e. ian mcewan)., philosophy
zack (Rating: 0)unknownboard games, candle-making, chemistry, cognitive science, computers, economics, fantasy, hard science, literature, metaphor, philosophy, pottery, role-playing games, science fiction, urban planning, woodworking