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38 Matching Users:
agnes2yy (Rating: 0)unknownmusic, play
baniak (Rating: 0)unknowndeschooling, music, reading
beeguillory (Rating: 0)unknownmusic
broomoid (Rating: 0)unknownde lillo, intelligent fiction (hesse, kafka, kundera, music, philosophy
canyonlady (Rating: 0)unknownart, backpacking, biology, botany, camping, dancing, early music, ecology, folk music, folklore, forests, genetics, health, hiking, kayaking, krumhorns, music, mythology, plants, poetry, recorders, rodents, rowing, sci-fi/fantasy, singing, speculative fiction, spirituality, writing, zoology.
Craigcraig (Rating: 0)unknownmovies, music
Cyrano (Rating: 0)unknown"a volte succede qualcosa di dolce e fatale come svegliarsi e trovare la neve; o come quel giorno che lei mi sorrise; ma senza voltarsi e fuggire" (d. silvestri), "come vedi tutto è usuale; solo che il tempo chiude la borsa e c'è il sospetto che sia triviale l'affanno e l'ansimo dopo la corsa; l'ansia volgare del giorno dopo la fine triste della partita; il lento scorrere senza uno scopo di questa cosa che chiami v, "ma i moralisti han chiuso i bar e le morali han chiuso i vostri cuori e spento i vostri ardori. è bello ritornar normalità; è facile tornare con le tante; stanche pecore bianche. scusate non mi lego a questa schiera; morrò pecora nera" (f. guccini), "ognuno vada dove vuole andare; ognuno invecchi come gli pare; ma non raccontare a me che cos'è la libertà" (f. guccini), art, books, che guevara, cinema, freedom, friendship, litterature, love, music, philosophy, sport specially basket and soccer, theatre, true against appearence
daimon_rein (Rating: 0)unknowndescartes, e. a. poe, etc., h. p. lovecraft, literature, music, native american religion, philosophy, shamanism, sumerians, wicca, z. sitchin
fenixdrakken (Rating: 0)unknownanime, computers, music, video games
FreakinWeasel (Rating: 0)unknownand my two kids. so this is not in order of priorities!, computers, movies, music
guimus (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, bicycles, dumpster diving, fixed-gear bicycles, getting things for free, intuitive engineering, music, one speed bicycles, piracy, tom robbins, travel, unicycles, urban exploration
honkydoggy (Rating: 0)unknown....etc, movie, music
Huginn (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, music, revolution
jessemckinney (Rating: 0)unknownapple computers, dogs, music, pets, smashing imperialism., vintage mercedes cars
JohnnyRockets (Rating: 0)unknownacting, drawing, graphic novels, music, other arts, writing
jok (Rating: 0)unknownart, bass, camping, cycling, drinking, hiking, motorbikes, movies, music, rule-breaking, scottish literature
kemokid (Rating: 22)unknownanti-capitalism, beer, bicycling, bikes, biochemistry, biology, brewing, cooking, drinking, evolutionary biology, free software, gardening, genetics, land use, math, molecular biology, music, programming, social criticism, urban design, urban planning, zymurgy
koncrete (Rating: 0)unknownalchemy, anachronism, anime, art deco, atheism, avengers, boxing, chemistry, controlled substances, cooking, dead babies, deco, diana rigg, elitism, fighting, forgery, gaming, germany, history, imperialism, infanticide, lies, marmosets, men, minotaurs, mod, modernism, mp3's, music, narcotics, pornography, progressivism, punk, quitting jobs, religion, rome, rough sex, science, steak and black onions, travel, urban decay, vehicular homicide, war, writing
laushiue (Rating: 0)unknownmusic
lilgoyaeyes (Rating: 0)unknownabsurdity, americana, architecture, art, behaviour, cities, citizenship, couture, disused spaces, ephemera, film/video media, groups, kindness, leadership, literature, love, meaningful moments, music, nature, satire, sub culture, sub sub culture, the cosmic, the novel, the weird, urban experience
mbreyno (Rating: 0)unknownalternative health, martial arts, music, technology
mentatjack (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, fire dancing, french horn, linguistics, martial arts, music, physics, programming, science fiction, writing
Muzza (Rating: 0)unknowncars, clubbing, comedy, film and television., music
nqduy (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, literature, music
pmdvs (Rating: 4)unknowneducation, humor, internet, music
rus (Rating: 0)unknownbelgian beer, consciousness, music, mythology, sci fi
Sandiastardust (Rating: 0)unknownart, life, music, writing
sharif (Rating: 0)unknownmusic
sharp (Rating: 0)unknownaudio, computers, linux, music
staff333 (Rating: 0)unknownbiology, computers, music, political philosophy
stgeorged (Rating: 0)unknown3d design, books, cats, family, music, publishing, web programming
tomp (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, history of science, music, philosophy, sci-fi
traxxas (Rating: 0)unknownemo, hardcore, mountain bikes, music, punk
winder731022 (Rating: 0)unknownart, computers, history, literature, music, vedio
woodworx (Rating: 0)unknowncomputers, music
wwsherwin (Rating: 0)unknownbeat literature, music, zen
yasi_p (Rating: 0)unknownacoustics, analog computation, hearing, linguistics, microtonality, music, musical instruments, synthesizers, temperament, tuning, video synthesis, xenharmony
yellow&green (Rating: 0)unknownart, barter, bikes, dumpster diving, eating/cooking, films, food not bombs, japan, mana, music, plants/herbal medicine/mushrooms, relationships, things to learn: anarchy