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28 Matching Users:
allegra (Rating: 0)unknownanything french, art, biographies. good gossip. opportunities for international volunteerism., computer graphics, design, different cultures, digital photography, gardening, graphic design, mysteries by international authors, photography, spices, travel
ampathy (Rating: 0)unknownanthropology, art, consciousness, counter culture, dadaism, drugs, ethnobotany, magick, psychology, sex, surrealism
amul (Rating: 0)unknownart, beat literature, culture, dissidence, history., urban planning
bsimser (Rating: 0)unknownart, computers, games, photography, programming
canyonlady (Rating: 0)unknownart, backpacking, biology, botany, camping, dancing, early music, ecology, folk music, folklore, forests, genetics, health, hiking, kayaking, krumhorns, music, mythology, plants, poetry, recorders, rodents, rowing, sci-fi/fantasy, singing, speculative fiction, spirituality, writing, zoology.
claudius (Rating: 0)unknownart, photograpy, science-fiction
Cyrano (Rating: 0)unknown"a volte succede qualcosa di dolce e fatale come svegliarsi e trovare la neve; o come quel giorno che lei mi sorrise; ma senza voltarsi e fuggire" (d. silvestri), "come vedi tutto è usuale; solo che il tempo chiude la borsa e c'è il sospetto che sia triviale l'affanno e l'ansimo dopo la corsa; l'ansia volgare del giorno dopo la fine triste della partita; il lento scorrere senza uno scopo di questa cosa che chiami v, "ma i moralisti han chiuso i bar e le morali han chiuso i vostri cuori e spento i vostri ardori. è bello ritornar normalità; è facile tornare con le tante; stanche pecore bianche. scusate non mi lego a questa schiera; morrò pecora nera" (f. guccini), "ognuno vada dove vuole andare; ognuno invecchi come gli pare; ma non raccontare a me che cos'è la libertà" (f. guccini), art, books, che guevara, cinema, freedom, friendship, litterature, love, music, philosophy, sport specially basket and soccer, theatre, true against appearence
dcd (Rating: 0)unknownand electronica in particular), art, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, composition, computer science, cooking, education, music of all kinds (jazz and 20th century classical, philosophy, politics, programming
domlet (Rating: 0)unknownart, art cars, culture jamming, education, feminism, media, postmodernism, video
JiminyCricket (Rating: 0)unknownalternative building, art, arts and crafts, beat literature, bookmaking, dada, design, dumpster diving, goats, love, magic, performance studies, philosophy, pirates, play, scavenge art, situationism, sociology, sustainable living, tipis, travel, typography, urban exploration, vermiculture
jok (Rating: 0)unknownart, bass, camping, cycling, drinking, hiking, motorbikes, movies, music, rule-breaking, scottish literature
jungljunke (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, architecture, art, backpacking, bicycle maintenance, bicycle riding, camping, conversations, cooking, dumpster diving, emotions, environment, folk music, fun, gardens, hiking, painting, punk music, reading aloud, sculpture, sharing, trading
lilgoyaeyes (Rating: 0)unknownabsurdity, americana, architecture, art, behaviour, cities, citizenship, couture, disused spaces, ephemera, film/video media, groups, kindness, leadership, literature, love, meaningful moments, music, nature, satire, sub culture, sub sub culture, the cosmic, the novel, the weird, urban experience
mangewala (Rating: 0)unknownabsurdity, antiques, art, artaud, coffee, exquisite corpse, haiku, happy mutants, herbs, mythology, nonsense, old things, psilocybin, psychedelics, san-x, scrabble, surrealism, thai food, thinking, travel, trees, typewriters, veganism, vegetable gardens., vegetarianism, vintage, walking, writing, yoga, zines
mar (Rating: 0)unknownarchetypes, art, artefacts, astrology, bikes, camping, cognitive science, dream work, dumpster diving, environment, existentialism, gardening, hiking, history, images, language, phenomenology, religion, running, scripting, sustainability, symbolism, veganism, water(all kinds)
michaelernst (Rating: 0)unknownart, bicycles, books, co-ops, environmentalism, getting things done, travel
NaAlvorada (Rating: 0)unknownart, bikes, climbing, d.i.y., guitar, history, language, literature, philosophy, singing, thinking
Sandiastardust (Rating: 0)unknownart, life, music, writing
saul (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, art, bikes, computers, drugs, food, free software, philosophy, politics
SPatchen (Rating: 0)unknownarchitecture, art, computers, homebuilding, internet technology, painting, software design
squeemr (Rating: 0)unknownart, comic books, cooking, dark humor, drawing, dreams, independent films, knitting, piercings, poetry, science fiction, tattoos, vegeterianism, writing
tiny_fae (Rating: 0)unknownabandoned buildings, art, books, chocolate, comics, middle college, ninjas, palo alto, philosophy, photography, pirates, santa clara, urban exploration, writing, zines
uhler (Rating: 0)unknownart, dada, fellini, gummi bears, history, noise, pizza, post punk, reading, sonic youth
velorev (Rating: 0)unknownalternative medicine, anti-capitalism, art, bikes/bicycling, buddhism, cooking, dumpster diving, eco-dwelling, exercise science, organic gardening, permaculture, political science, progressive movements, travel, world history, world religion, yoga
victoryspirit (Rating: 0)unknownanarcha-feminism, art, books, buddhism, burn collector, childlike excitements, elderly eccentrics, gardens, letters to strangers, librarians with red hair, zines
winder731022 (Rating: 0)unknownart, computers, history, literature, music, vedio
yellow&green (Rating: 0)unknownart, barter, bikes, dumpster diving, eating/cooking, films, food not bombs, japan, mana, music, plants/herbal medicine/mushrooms, relationships, things to learn: anarchy
zhongfu (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, anime, art, biology, brain-farts, china, communications, community, complimentary duality, computers, connectionism, cosmology, creativity, culture, discovery, distributed computing, diversity, duality, dune, electro, entanglement, ethnopharmacology, evolution, exobiology, experimental, fashion, history, i ching, idea farming, ideas, languages, marshall mcluhan, montreal, neurology, photography, physics, politics, quantum, quantum entanglement theory, queers, sci-fi, science fiction, social engineering, social theory, taoism, technology, the network effect, tokyo, travel, twin peaks, vancouver