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amaret (Rating: 0)unknownarchitecture, bikes, biking, buddhism, community land trusts, cycling, design, graphic design, intentional living, zen buddhism
josephg (Rating: 0)unknownarchitecture, asian film, coming of age stories, epics, food, french stuff, graphic design, imagery, macintosh, propaganda, set design
jungljunke (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, architecture, art, backpacking, bicycle maintenance, bicycle riding, camping, conversations, cooking, dumpster diving, emotions, environment, folk music, fun, gardens, hiking, painting, punk music, reading aloud, sculpture, sharing, trading
lilgoyaeyes (Rating: 0)unknownabsurdity, americana, architecture, art, behaviour, cities, citizenship, couture, disused spaces, ephemera, film/video media, groups, kindness, leadership, literature, love, meaningful moments, music, nature, satire, sub culture, sub sub culture, the cosmic, the novel, the weird, urban experience
smokinggun (Rating: 0)unknownarchitecture, arts, graphic design, pop culture
SPatchen (Rating: 0)unknownarchitecture, art, computers, homebuilding, internet technology, painting, software design
totoark (Rating: 0)unknown50s retro, architecture, birds, camp, graphic, hike, musical, photography, technology