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1 Matching Reading Lists:
By shivaji
anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarchy, barcelona, catalonia, cnt, facism, politics, revolution, spain, spanish civil war, syndicalism

34 Matching Users:
bagobin (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, diy, documentary film, kite making, political economy, psychology, sewing
Becky (Rating: 3)unknownanarchism, climbing, folk music, land use, people, psychology, travelling, walking
bentspoke (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, anarchy, bicycles, bike riding, bikes, direct action, dumpster diving, food not bombs, permaculture
Braincrayon (Rating: 0)unknown824 hate, anarchism, art rock, artfag entourage, arts and crafts night, beer, crashing parties, math rock, movie night, photography, punk rock, stencilling, veganism
Busgefahren (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, marxism
crasch (Rating: 0)unknownadventure, alternative shelter, anarchism, anarcho-capitalism, anarchocapitalism, animal experimentation, anti-aging, artificial intelligence, atheism, ayn rand, berke breathed, bill waterson, biodiesel, biotechnology, bloom county, blue man group, body building, calvin and hobbes, capitalism, cato, cirque de soleil, civil rights, clarence bass, computers, conation, cryobiology, cryogenics, cryonics, cryptography, cypherpunks, dave barry, david friedman, david meyers, dilbert, early retirement, economics, egoism, enya, epistemology, ethics, evolutionary psychology, extropianism, extropy, far side, film, filmmaking, financial independence, firearms, flow, free market environmentalism, free markets, free thinkers, freedom, freethinkers, futurism, gary larson, genetic engineering, george carlin, gerontology, guns, happiness, home schooling, houseboats, idea futures, immortality, independent film, independent institute, individual rights, individualism, influence, institute for justice, intj, investing, john holt, john lasseter, julian simon, laissez faire, learning, libertarian, libertarian party, libertarianism, libertarians, liberty, life extension, limerence, limited government, linux, living below your means, longevity, loreena mckennitt, lp, lysander spooner, machinema, math, memory, methodology, meyers briggs, mihalyi czsiksentmihalyi, milton friedman, mole man of fresno, money, montessori, monty python, mother earth news, mst3k, nanotechnology, neal stephenson, new road map foundation, objectivism, open book management, open immigration, open source, opus, pacific research institute, parasailing, penn and teller, permaculture, philosophy, pilobus, pixar, princess bride, privacy, programming, reason, robert cialdini, running, science, scott adams, simpsons, social engineering, social policy bonds, social psychology, software completion bonds, south park, space exploration, stand up comedy, steven wright, sudbury, susannah mccorkle, technology, the matrix, toy story, transhumanism, unschooling, value, vandwelling, vitrification, warren buffett, weight training
cubafive (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, beat literature, computers, hitch hiking, knitting, math
dgandhi (Rating: 0)unknownalternative technology, anarchism, computers, dual power, fukuoka, fuller
gregd (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, circumcision, political theory, sex, sexuality, stencils
guimus (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, bicycles, dumpster diving, fixed-gear bicycles, getting things for free, intuitive engineering, music, one speed bicycles, piracy, tom robbins, travel, unicycles, urban exploration
gutterprincess (Rating: 0)unknownalternative medicine, anarchism, bike touring, classic literature, fire dancing, herbal medicine, train hopping
J-sin (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, crack rocksteady, cust punk, indie films, indie media, information, journalism, nhilism, pan-handaling, phone phreaking, photography, punk rock, rastafari, reggeae, ska, socialism, squatting, train hopping, underground hip-hop
Javier (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, bikes, ecology, gardening, self-suficiency, soccer
jungljunke (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, architecture, art, backpacking, bicycle maintenance, bicycle riding, camping, conversations, cooking, dumpster diving, emotions, environment, folk music, fun, gardens, hiking, painting, punk music, reading aloud, sculpture, sharing, trading
khaoohs (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, anime, blogs, coffee, comic books, drama, friends, sci-fi, sushi
kukulski (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, community, intellectual property
Loadedsith (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, c++, flash, gnu, gpl, html, knowledge, linux, perl, php, positivism, rock, tao, transidental-anything, vb, zen
mataanin (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, computers, liberations, liberties, math
molly (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, clothing, fiction, history, photography, textiles, travel
mophead (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, beat literature, hitch hiking, knitting
moxie (Rating: 3)unknownanarchism, beat literature, bikes, computer security, computers, dumpster diving, fire dancing, food not bombs, hitch hiking, knitting, math, punk rock, train hopping, veganism
naineon (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, animal liberation, anti-free trade, black bloc, different languages, direct action, historical fiction, human liberation, oatmeal, photography, punk music, screen printing, shows, stenciling, travel, veganism
nanamin (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, bdsm, gothic rock, guitar, hacking, punk rock, reading, thelema, writing
olegpoi (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, beat literature, computers, hitch hiking, knitting, math
raubitsj (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, beat literature, computers, hitch hiking, knitting, math
ricothunder (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, adventure, anarchism, artist, burning man, cooking, desert, diy, driving fast, food, good books, good movies, hiking, mischief, outdoors, politics, radio, reading, road trips
robokelly (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, anti-wto, billboard liberation, drawing, environmentalism, folk music, gardening, herbs, history, making clothes, media reformation, natural food, painting, soap making, stenciling, surrealism, water rights, women's rights
smurfslayer2k4 (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism
solenodon (Rating: 2)unknownanarchism, bass, programming.
W (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, community, making where i am the place that i want to be.
werebrock (Rating: 0)unknownadventure, anarchism, literature, nature, permaculture
yaha (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, beat literature, computers, hitch hiking, knitting, math
zhongfu (Rating: 0)unknownanarchism, anime, art, biology, brain-farts, china, communications, community, complimentary duality, computers, connectionism, cosmology, creativity, culture, discovery, distributed computing, diversity, duality, dune, electro, entanglement, ethnopharmacology, evolution, exobiology, experimental, fashion, history, i ching, idea farming, ideas, languages, marshall mcluhan, montreal, neurology, photography, physics, politics, quantum, quantum entanglement theory, queers, sci-fi, science fiction, social engineering, social theory, taoism, technology, the network effect, tokyo, travel, twin peaks, vancouver
zplam (Rating: 0)unknownactivism, anarchism, buddhism, history, internet, poetry, programing, socialism, southeast asia, toaism, web, zen