Technology Business Analyst Jennifer Douglas Brubaker

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Jennifer Douglas Abubaker is a successful technology and business analyst and adviser. Known for her legendary TechBiz Conferences, she has been advising business people in the technology world since 2011. Having experience in the technology world since 1998, in 2002 Jennifer left her career at IBM to start her own company based on her greatest skill: wrote and sold power management software that, on average, increased the battery life of laptops by 40%. With the advent of the iPhone and various other mobile devices, Jennifer expanded her software to increase their battery lives as well. Her business, TechEnergy increased rapidly and in 2010 she sold it to Apple for a reported $400 million.

Since that time, Jennifer has written several articles, based on her experience, regarding keeping up with the ever changing world of technology and how to make your business successful in such an environment. These have been published in several major publishing venues such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, PC World, Macworld, F@ST Company, CNET, Wired, and Technology Review. She has also written two books: Your Success @ Your Speed and Never Fall Behind, both published by Warner Business Books.

Jennifer's writings received so many compliments for their being realistic, applicable, and to the point that she began receiving requests from a variety of technology businesses of different sizes to consult with them on their operations and planning. Her consultations proved so valuable to these companies that additional requests for her consultations soared. To help her reach a broader audience seeking her advice she began her nationwide TechBiz conferences wherein she goes over the basics of what it takes to start and run your own business in the technology world, how to craft a great product, how to market that product, and how to keep up with an ever changing technology world.

Consulting requests for Jennifer Douglas Abubaker can be made through her representatives.